Industrial Control Computers, Inc.


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General Specifications

Communications Ports


Option Board Bus

A/D Converter

Real-Time Calendar Clock

I/O Ports




Power Supplies




Operator Interface Panel
Operating Temperature - 0 to 60 Deg C (32 to 140 Deg F)

Humidity - 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Line Voltage to Transformer - 100-125 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Two Serial ports with 6850 ACIA outputs, and driver circuits for RS-232. One of these ports may be configured for RS-422/485. Both ports have independently selectable baud rates from 300 to 38.4 K baud.

Motorola 681309, operating at 2 Megahertz (optional 68000 @10 MHz).

A 30 pin bus is provided for S-30 bus connection to optional cards such as 8-channel hi-speed A/D con verter, expansion of hispeed counter/ timers, IEEE outputs, D/A converters, etc.

A 4 channel, dual-slope, Analog to Digital converter is optionally available on the board. Resolution is programmable up to 15 bits, or up to 1 part in 32,000.

This low cost option is backed up by the on board battery.

Up to five parallel ports using 6522 VIA chips are available, each capable of driving 16 1/0 points through OPTO-22 mounting bases.

Three LED light bars, software controllable, are supplied for annunciation of system events.

Standard display is 2line, 20 character alpha-numeric Vacuum Fluorescent unit for bright readout of set-up questions, production data. Optional LCD and CRT displays are available.

Socketed for 8 memory chips to allow up to 64K bytes of RAM or EPROM. On-board battery backs up RAM for up to a year of power loss. (Optional 68000 model supports over 1 meg of memory.)

An AC line filter and 30 watt power transformer are supplied with each board. On-board rectification and regulation provide the following supplies:

5 VDC @1 Amp for 1/0 logic, with 250 Ma for sensors.

12 VDC @100 Ma

24 VDC @500 Ma, unregulated, for sensors or DC loads.

+/-15 VDC @500 Ma

For RAM memory, optional Real Time Clock. Battery low detector circuit.

Two SPDT 5 Amp switches are provided for starting or stopping external master control circuits.

A 5x5 array keypad uses sealed membrane switches with tactile feedback.

This optional assembly provides a convenient combination of interface functions, and mounts directly onto the front side of the SBC-200, or it can be remotely mounted, with ribbon cable connections.