Industrial Control Computers, Inc.


The 2 megahertz clock speed of the microprocessor provides speed of response much faster than that of a Programmable Controller, permitting the SBC-200B to count at speeds of up to 10 KHZ, and turning an output on or off within less than a millisecond after a set point is reached. Time of outputs can be controlled with resolutions and accuracies of a millisecond or less if needed, and very high-speed analog signals can be read and controlled with precision. The SBC-200B differs from a personal computer in that it has a two line, 20 character alpha‑numeric vacuum fluorescent display in place of a monitor, and a for keeping track of variable function keys instead of a keyboard. The software is burned into EPROMS, rather than stored on floppy disks, and the construction is intended for use in manufacturing environments.