Industrial Control Computers, Inc.

Input/Output Capability

The display, keypad, three LED light bars and a pair of machine start/stop pushbuttons are mounted on a separate operator interface board which can be plugged into the front of the SBC‑200B, or remotely mounted. Mounted behind a cutout in the customer's panel, the operator interface displays the setup questions for the machine or process, to which the operator responds by entering instructions on the keypad. The instructions for a number of different machine setups can be stored in the computer's memory, then easily retrieved via the operator interface when a previously used setup is to be repeated.

Up to 80 inputs and outputs, AC or DC, can be monitored and controlled by the SBC‑200B, frequently requiring less I/0 than a programmable controller, since the operator interface can eliminate pushbuttons, lights and selector switches used with PC's.

The two built-in serial ports facilitate communications with a host computer, printer, graphics monitor, or network. Optional A/D converters can monitor up to 8 analog inputs at high speeds, with resolutions up to 1 part in 32,000. A real time clock is available for use with production reports.